End of Tenancy Cleaning in Walton-On-Thames

Are you a tenant who is soon moving out of your property? Or perhaps you’re the landlord wanting to have a clean and tidy of the house, ready for your […]

Are you a tenant who is soon moving out of your property? Or perhaps you’re the landlord wanting to have a clean and tidy of the house, ready for your new tenants to move in? Whichever you are, we may be exactly what you’re looking for! We are based in the Walton-On-Thames area which is in the borough of Surrey. We specialise in professional cleaning services such as landlord cleaning services, tenant cleaning services, move in cleaners and move out cleaning. Essentially, we offer anything to do with end of tenancy cleaning on Walton-On-Thames.

Landlord Cleaning Services

When it comes to end of tenancy cleaning in Walton-On-Thames, this can be for the tenant or the landlord. 

Our landlord cleaning services can help you get the best and professional cleaning services in the Walton-On-Thames area. Our landlord cleaning services help you as a landlord as we can offer a move in cleaner or move out cleaning service to get the property ready. This is where our end of tenancy cleaning in Walton-On-Thames comes in and helps you. 

If you’re based in the area and have a tenant moving out, please consider using our professional cleaning service for your tenants move out cleaning. With the move out cleaning service, we will get the property fully cleaned once the tenants have moved out and make sure it’s ready to go for the next tenants moving in. 

Along with this, we also offer move in cleaners with the landlord cleaning services. When bringing new tenants in, you can use our professional cleaning service of move in cleaners to ensure the new tenants have a freshly cleaned property to move into. The move in cleaners will ensure that everything has been thoroughly cleaned and all ready for them moving in. 

If you’re looking for end of tenancy cleaning in Walton-On-Thames with the best, professional cleaning services that we offer, we’re the right people for you! Please get in touch so we can discuss our landlord cleaning services further with you. 

Tenant Cleaning Services

If you’d like help preparing the property before you move out, this is where our tenant cleaning services and move out cleaning services come in. We offer a professional cleaning service for tenancy cleaning, designed to prepare the property so it’s ready for when you move out of the property. 

It’s important to make sure the property is returned the landlord as it was before and clean and tidy or you might find it hard getting your deposit money back. Fortunately for you, we can offer you our tenancy cleaning services to guarantee to get the deposit money back. We will use professional cleaning to carry out the final cleaning of the property, ensuring the whole property is thoroughly cleaned and tidy, ready for giving back. This is the perfect tenant cleaning service as it takes the hassle of cleaning away from you. 

Another add on we offer is carpet steam cleaning, which we currently offer at 40% off. This is an excellent final cleaning service for tenancy cleaning as you can ensure that any dirt and stains that may be on the carpet, will be removed and the carpet looking like new again. 

Our Cleaning Services

We offer a variety of different professional cleaning services for end of tenancy cleaning in Walton-On-Thames. Whether it’s a landlord cleaning service, tenancy cleaning or final cleaning of the property you’re after, we offer it all. Along with these cleaning services, we offer one key thing that is carpet steam cleaning. This is great for tenancy cleaning or move out cleaning, so you can get the carpet looking like new again. We’re also currently offering 40% off our carpet steam cleaning, so why not add it in for the final cleaning of the property?

We also offer a moving in cleaning service which is where we will professionally clean the property for you, ready for moving in, using our move in cleaners. This can either be a landlord cleaning service or tenant cleaning service. With the move in cleaners, we will ensure that each room is cleaned thoroughly including and surfaces having a deep clean. All cupboards and storage spaces will be emptied and cleaned out, ready for use. This is the perfect package for both landlords and tenancy cleaning, to make sure the place is ready and like new again. We can guarantee that our move in cleaners will do a great job of making this happen.

As well as this, as part of our end of tenancy cleaning in Walton-On-Thames, we offer a move out cleaning service. Again, this can be used by either the landlord or for tenancy cleaning. We will ensure that we use our professional cleaning to get the property ready when a tenant has moved out. 

If you have any questions about our cleaning services or feel that we can help you, contact us today!

Cleaning Checklist

Below is our basic cleaning checklist but we will work with you to understand your needs and discuss exactly what it is you need from us. 
In each room we will:
Remove stains where possible
Clean the floors and carpets
Empty the bins
Ensure all cupboards and storage space are cleaned and emptied out
Clean any appliances that are already in the property
Clean blinds and curtains
Dust and clean all surfaces
Ensure each room is fully cleaned to a high standard.

Cleaning Services in Walton-On-Thames

We have been used by many people all over the Walton-On-Thames area, particularly for some final cleaning of properties. We have regular, returning customers that use us when required and complete their services to high standards. We’re happy to say that we can provide an excellent service to you so if you feel like this is something of interest to you, please get in contact with us! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost?

We work with each client to agree on a price. This depends on the type of cleaning you’d like, the size of the property and how many rooms need cleaning. We will happily work together to provide you quotes on this and come to an agreed price.

Are There Any Properties You Can’t Clean?

We’re pleased to say that we are versatile and can offer our cleaning services to any type of property.

Are You Experienced?

Our team are all highly experienced and have years of knowledge when it comes to professional cleaning. You can put your trust in us to ensure that we have the correct experience, to do the job for you.

Are The Tools And Product Used, Safe?

Yes! All tools and products that may be used are always ensured to be safe, we wouldn’t risk using anything that wouldn’t be safe for us or the property.

What If I’m Not Available to be There Whilst Cleaning?

No problem, we know that many people are busy and will be out and about so we do offer a key collection and drop off service. This will work by we will arrange a time, location and date to suit you, collect the keys, go to the property to clean and then return the keys to you when convenient. 


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