How Much Does it Cost for end of Tenancy Cleaning?

End of tenancy cleaning, also referred to as final cleaning is of extreme importance to both tenants and landlords and is essential in ensuring a successful end to the lease of a property.


End of tenancy cleaning, also referred to as final cleaning is of extreme importance to both tenants and landlords and is essential in ensuring a successful end to the lease of a property. Employing the services of a fully trained end of tenancy cleaning team will ensure that you, either as a tenant or landlord, are left with a pristine property, ready for whatever your next step may be.


Tenants are usually required to do an end of tenancy cleaning when they move out as part of the letting agreement. The cleanliness (or lack of) of the property at the end of the tenancy is responsible for more than half of the deposit disputes. If the property has not been cleaned to an acceptable standard, then the landlords have the right to deduct the cost of hiring a cleaning company from the deposit. If this happens then the landlords or agents will not be as conscientious about spending somebody else’s money and will just use their referred agency, no matter the cost, and deduct this from your deposit. Moving between locations can be stressful and expensive enough, without having to incur extra charges hat can be easily avoided if the right cleaning company are used.

Many tenants will choose to hire a professional cleaning service to handle their end of tenancy cleaning to ensure they get their deposit back, although a few will try and clean the property themselves. There is nothing wrong with doing this but there is usually more than enough to do when moving to a new house so finding the time for a thorough cleaning of the entire property, to the required standards can be difficult.

End of tenancy cleaning should include a deep clean of the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. Plus, all surfaces throughout the property: floors, tiles, carpets, walls, and windows. Dust and dirt will need to be removed and cobwebs cleared out of hard to reach places. All the appliances which are included in the tenancy such as dishwashers, cookers and washing machines will also need to be cleaned out to a high standard.

The end of tenancy cleaning prices usually include removing everything from the refrigerators, freezers and cupboards; cleaning the oven and all the cupboards and surfaces, dishwashers and microwaves; scrubbing all floors, bathroom and sinks; furniture and carpet cleaning; plus clearing out and tidying of any garages or outbuildings. It is easy to see why most people prefer to hire a professional cleaning team for the end of tenancy cleaning as it is very labour intensive and it needs to be done thoroughly to avoid having to forfeit the deposit. Professional cleaning companies also have all the necessary equipment, tools and cleaning materials for a very thorough and fast cleaning service.

If you have the time and are physically fit, you can do a good job of the cleaning yourself, but if you can afford it, just hire a team of professionals as this will save you all the hassle and the cleaning will likely be done to a higher standard!

Moving out of a property can cause a huge upheaval in your life, from the important things such as having to inform everyone of new addresses and cancelling utility bills to the trivial aspects like ensuring that you have enough cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. 

By engaging professional cleaning services, you can be assured that they will take away some of the stress related to the end of your tenancy. 

Utilising professional cleaning services will take care of everything whilst you deal with moving into your new property and can even offer a key collection and drop off service to make things as easy for you as possible. Imagine how good it would feel to watch your boxes leave the property and not have to worry about rolling your sleeves up and scrubbing and cleaning every inch of the property!

When it comes to end of tenancy cleaning, there are often specific requirements that either your landlord or estate agents require, and a local agency is usually best placed to be aware of these. 

Obviously moving is an expensive time and this article will provide you with an idea of end of tenancy cleaning prices and the costs you should expect to incur as well as examine the different options that are available to you.

When considering end of tenancy cleaning prices you will need to consider numerous factors that all contribute to either reducing, or increasing costs. Every possible combination has its benefits and downsides and we will cover some these in more detail.

What does an end of Tenancy Cleaning Entail?

The following checklist identifies what a typical end of tenancy cleaning checklist looks like, this should help you identify whether you are getting value for money when comparing with the offerings of other potential cleaning companies. Obviously, this is not an extensive list and companies offerings will differ however it should give you a good feel of what to expect.

Across the whole property

  • Walls – dusted and free of cobwebs
  • Doors – dusted and wiped from top to bottom
  • Door handles – wiped and polished, free from light stains, marks, and fingerprints
  • Windows – wiped and polished from top to bottom (internally)
  • Window sills and ledges – wiped and clean
  • Window handles – wiped and polished
  • Ceilings and corners – dusted, and free of cobwebs
  • Mirrors – dusted, polished and free of spots and fingerprints
  • Light fittings and shades – dusted and wiped
  • Light switches, plugs and sockets – dusted and wiped
  • Skirting (including skirting boards behind the furniture if it can be moved by 1 person) – dusted and wiped
  • Spindles and banisters – dusted and wiped
  • Curtain rails – dusted and wiped
  • Radiators – wiped and clean from top to bottom, and behind
  • All floors and carpets– vacuumed (including under tables, beds, sofas, chairs, etc.)
  • Upholstery – vacuumed (including behind and underneath the cushions) – if it is included at the time of booking
  • Cupboards and drawers – cleared out, dusted from inside and out, polished
  • Shelves – empty, dusted, polished
  • Wooden furniture – dusted, wiped and polished
  • Wipe skirting boards and door frames


  • All work surfaces (such as kitchen countertops/worktops) – washed and sanitized
  • Cupboards and drawers – cleared out/in, wiped
  • Wall tiles – free of stains, mould and grease, washed and polished
  • Sink and taps – washed, free of limescale, sanitized, polished; dry and clean
  • Internal rubbish bins – empty, cleaned inside and out
  • Fridge and freezer – internally and externally clean
  • Microwave – wiped from inside and outside
  • Dishwasher – clean from inside and outside
  • Washing machine internally and externally (including soap dispenser, rubber seal, etc.)
  • Tumble dryer (including dust and lint filters, rubber seal, handles, etc.)
  • Hobs and grill – clean and polished
  • Oven – degreased, cleaned inside /out, outside chrome and glass parts
  • Extractor fan – degreased, clean and polished


  • Beds – clean (any wood, glass or metal parts – polished)
  • Mattresses – vacuumed from both sides
  • Bedroom storage units (wardrobes, cupboards, etc.) – empty and clean inside and out
  • Windows cleaned internally
  • Wastepaper baskets – empty and clean

Living Room

  • Clean and carefully dust all wooden furniture
  • Clean inside cupboards and wardrobes
  • Windows cleaned internally
  • Clean all glass surfaces (furniture tops, mirrors, picture frames etc)
  • Dust light fittings and switches, skirting, curtain rails, pictures and radiators


  • Wall tiles – cleaned, polished and mould-free
  • Taps and fittings – free of mould & limescale, clean and polished
  • Sink – basin cleaned, dried and polished
  • Cupboards and shelves – empty, cleaned of mould; clean (glass and chrome) parts – polished
  • Mirror – wiped and polished
  • Bathtub – wiped and polished
  • Shower cabin-wiped and polished
  • Shower screen – washed inside and outside, cleaned and polished
  • Shower head – cleaned, dried and polished
  • Toilet and toilet seat – cleaned and disinfected inside and out
  • Extractor fan – cleaned of mould and grime

What are Typical end of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

So you now know what an end of tenancy cleaning involves it is time to get down to the most important question, how much will all this cost me?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this as there are so many factors that could affect this. These include location, size of property, current cleanliness and time of year. End of tenancy cleaning prices quoted may not cover some things that require additional work, such as carpet cleaning, gardens, exterior window cleaning and many others.

We will try detail all of these potential additional costs individually which should help you calculate how much this is likely to amount to. This should also help you compare quotations from companies where one offers oven and carpet cleaning and one doesn’t.

The good news however is that the majority of cleaning companies tend to quote a fixed rate depending on the size of your property and the number of rooms in the property. 

This is obviously a very good a thing, as you will not have to worry about hourly rates, allowing you to relax if the job has not been done by the end of the day. Additionally, this will protect you from incurring more costs. A lot of end of tenancy cleaners will also offer a key pickup and drop off service, which means you can leave the key to your property with them.

Average end of tenancy cleaning prices are approximately:

  • Average studio cost – £ 95 to £ 240, with an average of £ 195
  • Apartment with one or two rooms – £ 140 to £ 315, the average is £ 250
  • Apartment with two or three bedrooms – £ 155 to £ 380, the average is £ 315
  • House with four or five bedrooms – £ 185 to £ 525, with an average of £ 370
  • Properties with six or more bedrooms are the most expensive – starting at £ 230 and averaging around £ 415

It has to be considered that there are significant variations in costs geographically, end of tenancy cleaning prices can be up to 50% higher in London and the South East when compared to the Midlands and North West.

Carpet Cleaning

Please be aware that the majority of companies do not include carpet cleaning in their prices. This may lead you to consider whether this is something that you may do yourself. Carpet cleaners are readily available for hire in many retail outlets in many locations however, in most cases cleaning companies will offer a significant reduction if you are booking carpet cleaning at the same time. This can often work out less overall than doing the work yourself once the hire costs and shampoo costs have been taken into account. Always check your tenancy agreement as this will often stipulate whether or not you need to clean the carpets before you move out.

As a rough guide carpet cleaning prices per room are, on average as below:

  • Single room – from £15
  • Double room – from £20
  • Dining room – from £25
  • Living room – from £25
  • Corridor / landing – from £10
  • Stairway – from £20 per level

Oven Cleaning

As mentioned above, some companies will only offer to clean the rooms of the property but will not clean appliances, such as cookers, fridges and dishwashers. When looking at end of tenancy cleaning prices you should ensure that they at least offer oven cleaning. This is because this is often the most difficult to clean and can frequently be the reason that your deposit is not returned.

If oven cleaning is not included in the quote then the following guideline figures should help you to calculate the total end of tenancy cleaning prices that you should expect. Again, there may be significant regional variations but between £50 and £120 dependent on oven size and type is a good indicative figure.

  • Standard single oven clean – from £50
  • Standard double oven clean – from £70
  • Range oven clean – between £80 and £100 dependent on size
  • Ceramic/Glass hob – from £20

Garden clearance

On a normal tenancy agreement your garden and outside area are also your responsibility, so be sure to have a quick clean around these areas. Sweep up any leaves, tidy up any flowers or potted plants, and give the lawn a quick mowing. If there is an outbuilding such as a shed or green house, ensure that the inside and outside are tidy. This is one part of the cleaning that can easily be done yourself although if for any reason you are unable to do this then discuss this with your cleaning company who will either be able to perform this task themselves or have reliable contacts in the locality.

Things to Look out for Having Received your end of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

Assuming that you have now gathered several quotations for your end of tenancy clean there are some things that you may have not yet considered. Some unscrupulous companies may offer a very low initial figure, however, this can soon escalate with many hidden extras so ensure that you have a precise list of what is and isn’t covered.

We have outlined some of the more common items such as carpet and oven cleaning but there are some more issues that you need to investigate before agreeing to hand over your hard earned money. It is well worth spending this time at the beginning of this exercise as this will give you the greatest chance of having your deposit returned. 

Do I get a Free Reclean or a Deposit Guarantee?

If your property is not up to standard, then the landlord or letting agency have the right to dispute the refund of your deposit. They will also seek to hire a professional cleaning company to undertake an end of tenancy clean, deducting the bill amount from your deposit. This is certainly not cost effective, as they will not be inclined to shop around, and could possibly settle on a high charging company if it’s more convenient for them.

Some cleaning companies will offer to return to the property to readdress any issues that arise from the final inspection, with some offering additional financial compensation if this occurs. If you can find a company that offer this service then they should be very strongly considered. More and more companies are now beginning to offer this, which can only be good news for tenants.

Are Specialist Cleaning Products Used, and Included in the Cost?

The vast majority of cleaning companies will use high quality products that are not usually available over the counter but this is a question that needs asking. Additionally, ensure that the cleaning standards are as ecologically friendly as possible. Confirm that the cost of all of these products is included in the quotation as this is another area where hidden extras can appear.

Will the Clean Meet the Requirements of my Tenancy Agreement?

When considering companies be sure to contact your landlord or agency and request a copy of the inspection checklist, along with a copy of your move in report. Compare this against the checklist that the cleaning companies have provided and ensure that you haven’t missed any exceptions such as garden requirements, window cleaning or repainting worn or marked areas. This is when it can be beneficial to engage a local company as they are often well acquainted with the requirements of the local letting agencies.

Are the Company Experienced in end of Tenancy Cleaning?

Unfortunately, pricing is not always a good indication of quality so ensure that you research the company and look at the customer reviews. If a company does not have these then they are best avoided. Any professional, reputable company should have a completely transparent review system and a quick internet search will usually produce many reviews for you to peruse.

 More reputable companies will have reviews from independent third-party sites. Try and avoid reviews that have no association with independent sites as the company may have written the reviews themselves. Unfortunately, it is very easy to add some fictional names and reviews to a ‘Review’ page on a company website and these may not always be totally legitimate.

Additionally, ensure that you are dealing with a professional end of tenancy cleaning company. It is not a good idea to use normal house cleaners who specialise in light domestic cleaning. There is no question that they may offer an excellent service in their chosen field but they often lack the expertise, chemicals and equipment to undertake a full professional end of tenancy clean.

In conclusion, do your homework and try and take the time to talk to the company you are going to use. Some people may not have time to do this but even a short five minute conversation about how they will carry out the cleaning and their experience will often highlight things that may cause you problems further down the line. Alternatively this quick call may put your mind at rest and remove at least one of the stressful factors from your move.

Are the Company and its Cleaners Fully Insured?

This is an essential requirement. If this is not immediately apparent from their website or material, then ask the question and if you are still unsure then ask to see a copy of their public liability insurance certificate. Any reputable company would be more than happy to fulfil this request.

Do the Company offer a key Collection and Pick up Service?

Some cleaning companies will also offer a key collection and pick up service. This can be an excellent option if you can juggle the timings around and gives you one less thing to worry about at what is already a very stressful time.


If you have got this far then you should be a little more aware of end of tenancy cleaning prices. Although the variables are numerous, and each final cleaning is totally individual you should have an idea of how much the cleaning will cost and be aware of any hidden costs that need to be identified up front. You should now be able to request estimates and quotes from local cleaning companies and be confident that you should know what kind of figures to expect. 

Bear in mind however that the above figures are for illustration purposes only and there is no magic number that fits every single end of tenancy cleaning but you will feel more confident when asking for quotations for your final clean. For example, labour costs in London and the South East are significantly higher than the rest of the country and this can soon mount up and make a significant difference to the total cost of your cleaning. Additionally, some urban areas will have issues with parking and access that will also have to be considered when pricing is calculated.

As mentioned above moving from one property to another can be a very stressful period in your life and anything that can help relieve this pressure should be considered. If you take the time to research your choice of cleaning company then this can be an almost worry-free part of your move and you should have no issues with the return of your deposit in full. 

Although we have mentioned quite a few negatives and pitfalls associated with using professional cleaners the vast majority are hard worked and conscientious and excellent at what they do. If you have any on personal recommendation, then that is as good as you can get however please ensure that you research unknown companies thoroughly. Your letting agent or landlord may also suggest a cleaning company but this may not always be the best suggestion, do not be afraid of making your own informed decisions about who you will use to undertake this work and protect your deposit.

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