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Oven & BBQ Cleaning

Hiring professional BBQ cleaning services will ensure that what is used to clean your grill is safe and that you are always ready for the next sunny weekend!   Professional […]

Hiring professional BBQ cleaning services will ensure that what is used to clean your grill is safe and that you are always ready for the next sunny weekend!

Oven cleaning is a task that we all know should be done but we all don’t really want to do it. It is messy, takes time and involves using harsh chemicals to remove all of that grime. Even though it may not be a fun task, we know that it needs to be done but not everyone is exactly sure why. 

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Why Ovens Should Be Cleaned

It may seem obvious to say but dirt and grime build up over time. Your oven will trap any grease and excess food, which, depending on how regularly you cook, can create problems very quickly. If you allow the dirt to build up then you are creating more work, time, effort, and money for yourself as the less it’s cleaned the more it’ll take to make it like new again.

In terms of hygiene, it is not recommended that you cook food in an oven that is covered with burning excess of other meals and grease. It all sounds very dramatic, but it is true, a clean oven will produce better tasting food and will be able to prepare it in a quicker time. 

An unclean oven will also perform poorly compared to a clean oven. It can lead to a build-up of smoke every time you open the door and can create temperature issues due to blocked filters. Overall, an unclean oven is not good for you or the appliance itself so care should be taken into getting it cleaned. 

Hiring an oven and BBQ cleaning company for an oven cleaning service is a great idea, making sure that the oven cleaning is done correctly, saving you heaps of time and money in the long run. They’ll know how to do it properly, ensuring great results each time.

The oven cleaning process

How often an oven needs cleaning does depend on its use, however, there are a few signs to look out for that will show that it’s time for a good oven cleaning service.

  1. General appearance

Is there burnt crusts and residue on the bottom of the oven? Is there discolouration and grime on the window? If so, then you may want to think about getting it cleaned.

  1. Odour

Is there a smell emitting from the oven even before anything has been cooked in it? If so, then it’s a sign that there is lingering grease and food inside.

  1. Smoke

Does a cloud of smoke hit you in the face or fog up your glasses when you open the oven door? If so, then it shows that it is time to give it all a good clean. 

A general rule is to give it a clean every three months. That may seem like a frequent task to do considering the time and effort that it takes. This is why it is a good idea to bring in a professional oven cleaning service as it will save you the hassle and you know that there will be great results. 

Regular upkeep is important, however, as cleaning up any spills or dropped food will keep your oven looking clean for longer and may decrease the amount of times it needs to be cleaned. It may also be a good idea to give it a wipe over every now and then to stop it from getting out of control. Do remember though, eventually this will not serve as a good enough replacement for a good, deep clean which can easily be done by professionals. 

Professional BBQ cleaning is also important, especially during the summer months and even before the BBQ season. You want to make sure that after all of those months in the shed or garage that you have a nice, clean grill to cook your food on. Hiring professional BBQ cleaning services will ensure that what is used to clean your grill is safe and that you will not have to keep spending money on making it clean. 

Why BBQs Should Be Cleaned

Like ovens, BBQs need to be cleaned properly to make sure that any food preparation is done safely and effectively to ensure the longevity of the appliance. 

Cleaning your BBQ will help to reduce the build-up of food and debris that may have been left on there after the last BBQ season. This helps to reduce the amount of smoke that your grill emits. This is of course a good thing as no one wants any neighbours complaining about amounts of smoke while you’re trying to have a good time!

Not only does professional BBQ cleaning reduce the amount of smoke created but also reduces the amount of toxins created from burnt food debris mixed with any gas or charcoal grills. 

Professional BBQ Cleaning

In order to keep your BBQ running effectively, ideally you should have your grill cleaned before and after the summer months, when you’re using your BBQ most often. This means that you can be sure that it is clean before you start cooking on it (especially if it’s been inside collecting cobwebs) and also after so that the task will be easier when it comes to it again during summer. 

If the British weather surprises us, blessing us with a sunny weekend, the first thing on our minds is having a BBQ. If your BBQ isn’t summer ready, give us a call! We offer free quotes and even do weekend visits, making sure that your BBQ will always be ready and raring to go! If you need a fast and reliable oven and BBQ cleaning company that you can rely on, get in touch today!

Having your appliances cleaned by an oven and BBQ cleaning company ensures great results and gives you peace of mind that what you are eating has been prepared and cooked on a clean surface. 

There are options to have free quotes so that you can see the benefits at a little cost compared to the time, effort (and research!) that would be required if you did your own oven cleaning or BBQ scrubbing. And, don’t worry if you are unavailable during the week, weekend visits are available to get you cooking and grilling as soon as possible with a beautifully clean, new looking grill or oven.


How much will a professional BBQ cleaning cost?

This will vary, depending on the size and condition of your grill. We offer free quotes so get in touch with us today to receive your bespoke quote.

How often should I book an oven cleaning service?

Oven cleaning should be a regular part of your cleaning routine, however we recommend hiring a professional oven and BBQ cleaning company every three months to assist with your own oven cleaning.

Will I need to prepare anything before the oven cleaning service starts?

Please make sure that the oven is cleared of any trays and dishes. Please do not use the oven less than an hour before the oven cleaning service begins, to ensure it is cool enough. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with the oven cleaning service team.

Why should I book you instead of a different oven and BBQ cleaning company?

There are countless reasons why we are a great oven and BBQ cleaning company, from our free same day quotes, to our weekend visits. Just take a look at our reviews!

How soon after the oven cleaning will I be able to use my oven?

You should be able to use your oven as soon as the oven cleaner has left. Your oven cleaner will tell you all of the details and advice once they have completed the clean.


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