End of Tenancy Cleaning in Ashtead

Are you in need of some end of tenancy cleaning in Ashtead? Is it landlord cleaning services or tenancy cleaning you’re after? Or even post tenancy cleaning or move out […]

Are you in need of some end of tenancy cleaning in Ashtead? Is it landlord cleaning services or tenancy cleaning you’re after? Or even post tenancy cleaning or move out cleaning? Whichever it is, we offer it all. Our end of tenancy cleaning in Ashtead is a professional cleaning service, working with tenants and landlords to give you the best cleaning service possible. 

Our Services

We offer a variety of different services with extras that can be added onto each standard one. We offer a landlord cleaning service and tenant cleaning service as our standard services and with this you have the option to add on extras such Professional Carpet Cleaning as part of final cleaning of the property.

Landlord Cleaning Services
No matter how nice the house might be left by the previous tenants, it’s always important to have a thorough clean, making it nicer and more hygienic more future tenants moving in. We can offer you the landlord cleaning services. 

However, it may be that you have tenants moving out and are looking for future tenants to rent it out. We can offer you a move out cleaning service for when the old tenants have moved out, to ensure the house is deeply cleaned and looking like new again. 

Whatever situation you’re in, the property is always best to be cleaned and tidied using professional cleaning, so it’s ready again for people to move into. If you think our landlord cleaning services are something you would benefit from, or perhaps it might take the little extra stress away of having to worry about cleaning the property, we’ve got you covered. 

Tenant Cleaning Services
As well as our landlord cleaning service, we also offer a tenant cleaning service, perfect for tenants moving out of a property. It’s always nice to leave a property nice and clean for the landlords and receive your full deposit back or maybe you’re moving into a new property and want to make sure it’s been deeply cleaned yourself. This is where our tenancy cleaning service comes in to help you!

If you’re a tenant whose moving out a rented property, you will want to make sure that the property is returned in the best condition to get your deposit back. Fortunately, we offer you our deposit back guarantee. We can guarantee that we will use our professional cleaning services to give the property a deep clean and looking like new again. If the property is cleaned, tidied and there are no stains, you will easily be able to get your deposit back.

This is where one of our other services comes in that we offer, our carpet steam cleaning. This is perfect for getting any stains and dirt from out the carpet to having it looking like new again and right now you can get this for 40% off! This is perfect for tenancy cleaning when giving the property some final cleaning up and helping you secure that deposit back.

Extra Services
As previously mentioned, we offer extra services onto our standard landlord cleaning service and tenant cleaning service. These are the perfect little extras to help you with the final cleaning of the property and take the hassle and stress away. We offer Pressure Washing Services to make sure the exterior of the property is fully cleaned for when you’re getting ready to leave the property. For example Driveways & Patios should be left in a presentable state. Along with these, we have our carpet steam cleaning service at 40% off, a deposit back guarantee for tenancy cleaning and a key collection and drop off service. 

The carpet steam cleaning is great for both landlord cleaning services and tenant cleaning services. You may be the landlord that wants a fresh looking carpet ready for the next tenants, or if you’re the tenant wanting to remove any dirt and stains. 

The key collection and drop off service is also great for those who lead a busy life and can’t be in the property at the time of cleaning. We can arrange with you when is best to collect the keys and go and clean the house, returning the keys to you or the agent the same day. 

Cleaning Checklist

With our end of tenancy cleaning in Ashtead, we always use a cleaning checklist for every property we clean. Our professional cleaning service makes sure that each room of the house has a thorough and deep clean to have it looking like new again. Whether it’s our End of tenancy cleaning in Ashtead, move out cleaning or final cleaning of the property, we will always use this checklist to cover all areas of the house.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces, including skirting boards, worktops, floors and ceilings
  • A focus on deep cleaning the kitchen and bathroom
  • Cleaning and sanitising appliances such as microwave, oven and hob
  • Emptying and cleaning the bins
  • Cleaning and dusting blinds and curtains
  • Removal of any stains/spills
  • Cleaning underneath and behind furniture
  • Interior Window cleaning
  • Thorough final check of the clean to make sure nothing is missed. 

This may seem like a basic checklist for our end of tenancy cleaning in Ashtead, however, we will work with you to understand your needs and focus on areas or stains that you want working on in particular. Our professional cleaning can ensure that we meet your requirements and this is something we can discuss, to make sure you’re getting the best tenancy cleaning service possible. 

Cleaning Services in Ashtead

Our end of tenancy cleaning in Ashtead has been used by many. Whether it’s our tenant cleaning service, post tenancy cleaning, move out cleaning or a final cleaning of your property. We have regular and returning customers that use our tenancy cleaning and trust us with ensuring their property gets the very best professional cleaning service possible. 

If you’re looking for end of tenancy cleaning in Ashtead and need a final cleaning of a property, we can help you. Please feel free to contact us to discuss our services further.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost?

Depending on the service and size of the property will depend on the cost but this is something we can discuss and quote for you.

How Long Will It Take?

This also depends on what professional cleaning service you are wanting and how big the property is. Once we have discussed what it is you’re after, we can then work out a rough timing.

Do You Offer a Moving Out Cleaning Service?

Yes, we offer a move out cleaning service, ready for any tenants moving out of a property. Feel free to get in touch to discuss this service further so we can meet the needs you have.

How Do I Get Booked In?

If you’re looking to hire us, then great! Simply contact us and let us know how we can help you.

Is There Anything I Need To Be Aware Of?

We simply ask that if you have any special requests for the clean, please let us know in advance. This ensures that we bring the right tools with us!


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