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Anti-bacterial and Antiviral Sanitation Services

We have been trading for many years and undertaken a lot of anti-bacterial and antiviral sanitation  services in  many homes and offices, killing harmful germs that can cause bacteria and […]

We have been trading for many years and undertaken a lot of anti-bacterial and antiviral sanitation  services in  many homes and offices, killing harmful germs that can cause bacteria and viruses, leaving homes and businesses extremely clean. 

We know that a thorough deep cleaning compared to regular cleaning is needed to keep these germs at bay and to limit and prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses., hence preventing the spread of bacteria. Our staff are highly trained and use top of the range cleaning products that kill Covid-19 to ensure a very high standard of service. 

EN14476 is approved against Coronavirus and other viruses such as, Rubella, Measles, MERS, Ebola, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis c, Hepatitis D and SARS. As well as HIV, Rabies, flu, and Human T Cell Leukaemia. 

We can prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses

Viruses and infections spread quickly, particularly Covid-19, we have the experience and knowledge to fight these through our sanitation  services. Our staff are very thorough to ensure all know germs are killed as they complete the deep cleans, meaning your homes and businesses are cleaned to a very high standard. 

We use top of the range cleaning equipment and products to achieve very high standards. These standards are maintained through regular training and supervision. 

How can infections spread?

Harmful bacteria and infections can spread via coughing and sneezing, this is know as respiratory droplets. This bacteria once out of the body  can remain on  surfaces for several days This means that the germs can then be picked up by someone touching the same surface, this continues in  an ever ending cycle unless there are regular deep cleans of all surfaces. 

Our sanitation  services promote the use of good quality products which clean and disinfect all areas and surfaces, meaning they are clean and sanitised. The difference between  cleaning and sanitising is  not always fully understood but in simple terms cleaning means to remove surface dirt, leading to some bacteria being left behind. Sanitation  is the disinfecting of all areas killing all known bacteria and viruses. 

When a surface is only cleaned viruses and infections are left behind meaning they continue to spread through contact with a person.  Our sanitation services stop this by using specialist methods, equipment and products designed to eliminate all harmful bacteria and viruses. 

Our staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience to fight the harmful effects of bacteria and viruses. 

As an experienced company we have provided cleaning and sanitation  services for a long time, we know about the different methods to eliminate the harmful bacteria and  ensure your homes and businesses are thoroughly cleaned. 

We currently off two cleaning services;

Commercial Services

We guarantee to eliminate all harmful germs through our tried and tested processes. Best Cleaners Surrey provide a deep clean, and pride themselves on  being extremely thorough at all times, meaning we cover more that just a normal clean by adding a complete disinfection and sanitation of all areas using specialist anti viral and biocidal cleaners which lead to all microorganisms being removed.

Our specialist products will not cause any harm to anyone in  your home or business whilst our staff undertake the cleaning as  they do not contain any bleach and are not toxic, leading to limited interruption to your home or business lives. 

We provide one off services and regular services to ensure the spread of bacteria is prevented particularly due to Covid-19 more regular services are being requested. 

 Shared office space is known to increase the spread of infection  and if there have been confirmed infections within the business we will undertake a deep sanitation of all areas to ensure all traces of the virus are gone and there is no trace of contamination. 

Home antiviral and Sanitation services are available

We will sanitise your home from  top to bottom, ensuring every part of your home is decontaminated ensuring no harmful germs can survive. We want to ensure that home is safe and that you can relax in knowing you have peace of mind in  knowing your home is germ free. We use specialist methods and products to fight harmful bacteria, hench ensuring your home is thoroughly deep clean to a very high standard. This helps to prevent anyone in  your home from contracting any illness through harmful bacteria, infections or viruses. We can provide regular cleaning and sanitation, or a one off service. The choice is yours. We are able to provide services as you need. We really want to help you achieve a germ free environment for you and your family. We pride ourselves on  being experts in  the field of home and commercial cleaning, our staff are very helpful and professional at all  times and know the common areas that people make contact with such as keyboards and mice, work surfaces, handles and light switches, they take that into account when doing there job and ensure nothing is missed. We can help in  all areas so please make contact and we will answer any questions you may have. 

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