House Clearance in Harrow

Are you in need of a professional, licensed and trustworthy house clearance company in Harrow? Do you need help with clearing your house? Are you in the process of looking […]

Are you in need of a professional, licensed and trustworthy house clearance company in Harrow? Do you need help with clearing your house? Are you in the process of looking for a reliable clearance company?

Then BCS Cleaning Services clearance company might just be what you need as well as the answer to your house clearance questions. 

At BCS Cleaning Services clearance company, we specialise in clearing homes as well as rubbish disposal. As we have found this on all seven days of the week for some years now, we are your best bet at a stress-free clearance session.

Our staff are very experienced as well as very professional and they have spent so many years doing this that nothing takes them by surprise anymore.

We are aware of the inconveniences that come with having to clear your home at a time when you have lots of other work to do. We also understand that sometimes, it is simply impossible to juggle house clearance and work. 

We are here to offer you a stressless and hassle-free clearance session. We seek to make your clearance session seem as enjoyable and as easy to handle as possible.

When you reach out to us and book your clearance session, we arrive at your place by 9 a.m on the agreed date fully prepared to have your property properly cleaned at the end of the day.

We also aim to have some extra time if possible to go over all of the work done and make adjustments where needed.

As a policy, we do not charge upfront payments. We believe that we will provide you with the best house cleaning session possible and to reinforce that satisfying you is our ultimate goal, you may not pay until you’re satisfied with the quality of work done. 

Once the clearance has been completed to your satisfaction, you can proceed to make payments through any one of the following payment options:

  • Debit/credit card, 
  • Cheque or 
  • Bank transfer.

In the sad event the clearance is due to the bereavement and probate are dealing with the matter, we can invoice solicitors, power of attorney or executors of the estate.

There is no need to box or bag anything up. Our friendly staff will clear everything from inside cupboards, wardrobes, drawers, they will take up carpets and underlay and sweep right through the property as well if required.

If you will not be present on the cleaning day to hand over the keys by yourself, you can go ahead and leave the keys with a neighbour or an estate agent or any other person that you feel comfortable trusting with your keys.

Be rest assured that we will pick the keys and return them once we are done if you’re still not present.  Once we have completed your house clearance, we can email you photos of the cleared property. 

On request, we can help you to pick up any items of sentimental value that you would like to have and get them posted to you.


BCS Cleaning Services clearance company is fully licensed to carry waste, we are registered with the Environment Agency and we have full public liability insurance to handle all sorts of house clearance in Harrow.

We also strictly make use of only authorised recycling sites and we do our best to send reusable items which include clothing, bedding, bric-a-brac and furniture to charity shops to divert as many as possible items from landfills if they are not recycle-able.


Here are some of the items that we can clear during our house clearance in Harrow. We are usually able to clear anything and everything that you might want to get rid of. Examples are items like:

  • Carpets, 
  • Cookers, 
  • Curtains, 
  • Clothes, 
  • Washing machines, 
  • Furniture and
  • Generally, all kinds of junk.

We are also able to clear places such as:

  • Lofts and attics, 
  • Wine cellars, 
  • Sheds, 
  • Conservatories, 
  • Out-houses, 
  • Garages, etc as part of a full clearance.

So if you’d like us to specially clean one or two places while rendering our house clearance in Harrow services, all you have to do is ask, and we’ll be digging in and helping you out in no time.

If you would like, we are also to clean the entire property to help improve its rental or selling appeal. 

So if you’re moving out and you’d like to sell or as a tenant, you’re moving out and you’d like us to clean up so that you can have your deposit back, we’re the right people to contact.


As a clearance company that is widely experienced, we can provide you with our services all round the week, and on all seven days.

Our services are available all over the United Kingdom and our clients have only good things to say about our services. We provide you with excellent services at no additional stress to you.

We are also very punctual and consistent and in all the years that we have been on the house clearance in Harrow scenes, we have never let a customer down and we always show up at the pre-agreed time.

This has helped us to build trust and close bonding with our customers over the years

BCS Cleaning Services clearance company runs efficiently with the aid of a team that is adequately trained, experienced, efficient, fully uniformed, hard-working, trustworthy, thorough. 

This team is not just trained to do their work efficiently, they are also trained to be very friendly and helpful – as all of our customers can testify.

Our team is trained to be sensitive and they are adequately aware that in many cases, they are not just handling junks that are of no further use/ have no further value.

Rather, they are handling possessions that stir strong sentimental memories in the customer therefore, they understand the techniques with which such items are to be handled.

We do not use subcontractors!


If you are unable to be available at the site of the project on the appointed date and at the appointed time, you can leave us the keys to the property at a place that is convenient for you and we can get started on our work before you can free up your schedule to be present.

We can pick up the keys at a place that you feel safe with and this might be with your neighbour, solicitor or estate agent. Anywhere you want to leave us the keys, we’re perfectly able to get it from there.


On our end, we will be providing you with your invoice which will include our business and tax details.

If you’d like, we are also able to provide you with a waste transfer note and/or waste-disposal receipt.


After receiving your approval to commence work on the house clearance project, it usually takes us a minimum of one and a maximum of two days to arrive at your doorstep ready to do the job. 


To get a quote, we will need to know a few simple details of the project such as the following:

  • The location and approximate size of your property, 
  • A rough idea of items that you will be needing us to clear 
  • And if you have any unusually large item to be removed from the premises. Examples of these items include cars, motorbikes, pianos and other items of similar volume.


If what you are searching for is any of the following then BCS Cleaning Services clearance company can assist you and provide the service you need.

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“or other ‘Clearances in Harrow”

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