End of Tenancy Cleaning in Chertsey

If you’re looking for end of tenancy cleaning in Chertsey, and that you’re after a company that offers professional cleaning services such as move in cleaners, tenancy cleaning and move […]

If you’re looking for end of tenancy cleaning in Chertsey, and that you’re after a company that offers professional cleaning services such as move in cleaners, tenancy cleaning and move out cleaning, then we’re the right people for you. We specialise in landlord cleaning services and tenant cleaning services for end of tenancy cleaning in Chertsey. Contact us today!

Landlord Cleaning Services

If you’re the landlord of a property and need some professional cleaning such as our landlord cleaning services, then we’re here to help. Perhaps you’ve just had a tenant move out and you’d like to give it a freshen up, ready to put on the market or for your next tenant to move in. If you’re needing to put it on the market then there’s nothing more appealing to someone than a nice clean and tidy house that is well looked after, and this is where our landlord cleaning services come into play. 

We have a few professional cleaning services you can use, from our move out cleaning service to our Professional Carpet Cleaners. The move out cleaning service is where we will go in straight after the tenants have left to have a good clean and tidy of the property and the professional carpet cleaning is then an option where you may opt for and therefore we can arrange this with you, to make sure the house is cleaned professionally at the End of a Tenancy. We will work with you to work out which is best for your cleaning service requirements.

Alongside our landlord cleaning services, we will work with you to understand what it is that you’re wanting to give you the best professional cleaning service possible. We also have a great offer on at the moment where we can use our steam carpet cleaning for 40% off! This is the perfect service alongside the landlord cleaning service as it ensures your carpets are deeply steamed cleaned, removing all dirt and stains and making them like new again. 

Tenant Cleaning Services

Along with landlord cleaning services, we also offer a tenant cleaning service. It may be that you’ve come to the end of living in the property and moving onto somewhere else but need some professional cleaning to get the place looking like new again. Fortunately, we specialise in end of tenancy cleaning in Chertsey which consists of different professional cleaning services to suit your needs.

With our tenancy cleaning, we want to make sure you can leave the property stress free and leave us to do the cleaning, making sure it’s thoroughly cleaned throughout. When renting, you will pay a deposit at the start which as you will know, you can get back at the end of your tenancy, which we guarantee you’ll get back with our end of tenancy cleaning services. 

We can guarantee you that we will use our professional cleaning and tenancy cleaning services experiences to ensure the place is looking like new. With the tenant cleaning services, we can provide move out cleaning of the property to make sure it’s done once you’ve moved out and ready to give back to the tenant. We’ll do works best for you in terms of the final cleaning of the property.

If you’re wanting a deposit back guarantee, final cleaning of the property for end of tenancy in cleaning in Chertsey, then we’re the people for you.

Our Cleaning Services

We offer several different services when it comes to our end of tenancy in cleaning in Chertsey. From landlord cleaning services, tenant cleaning services to Pressure washing Services for Driveway & Patio Cleaning to complete your final cleaning of the property, we’re here to help you when you need us. 

Our tenancy cleaning and move out cleaning services can be used by either the tenant or the landlord. Whether you’re the tenant moving in or out of the property, you may want to have tenancy cleaners to make sure the property is clean before moving in or have a final cleaning using our move out cleaning service to ensure you can get that deposit back guarantee. It may be that you’re the landlord that requires the cleaning of the property once tenants have moved out by using our move out cleaning service or you may want to wait for your new tenants moving in and use our move in cleaners for this. 

As well as offering end of tenancy cleaning in Chertsey, we offer steam carpet cleaning which is currently at 40% off, and also offer a key collection and drop off service. This is something that may be very useful for those who lead a busy life. With the key collection and drop off service, we arrange with you to collect the keys to the property and then drop them back off after. Not only are we taking the stress away of cleaning, but we can also ensure that you carry on as normal and leave you with a nice, clean house. Again, this may apply to the landlord or is even part of our tenant cleaning services as well.

Cleaning Checklist

For the final cleaning of the property, we like to ensure that it gets thoroughly cleaned and any stains and dirt are removed. Whether it’s for tenancy cleaning, landlord cleaning service or the final cleaning, here are the basics of what we will do:
Cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces
Cleaning and sanitising appliances such as the oven, fridge, microwave and more
Emptying and cleaning the bins
Cleaning and dusting blinds and curtains
Removing stains
Cleaning underneath and behind furniture 
Deep cleaning of hygienic areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen
Wiping and cleaning all windows
Thorough final check of the clean to make sure nothing is missed.

Chertsey Cleaning Services

We have been used by many people for end of tenancy cleaning in Chertsey, gaining lots of experience and knowledge along the way. Our tenancy cleaning services and landlord cleaning services both provide an excellent variety of cleaning to ensure you get the best possible service for your property. We have regular, returning customers that use us when required for their tenancy cleaning.


How Much Does It Cost?

We can provide you with a quote depending on the size of the property, what you require cleaning and the different services you want.

Are You Experienced?

Yes! We’ve gained lots of experience in end of tenancy cleaning in Chertsey with regular customers returning to us. Over the years, we have gained lots of knowledge to ensure we provide excellent service to you.

How Long Does it Take?

Depending on the size of the property and the services needed, will depend on how long it will take but this is something that can be discussed when getting a quote.

Do You Only Help Chertsey?

No, we’re happy to help all across London and Surrey! 

Do You Take Special Requests?

Yes, we do. If there’s anything you’d like us to focus on, let us know and we’ll make it happen! 


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