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However, leaving your gutters clogged full of dirt can lead to serious damage to your property, not to mention the significant expenses that come along with it.   12 Month […]

However, leaving your gutters clogged full of dirt can lead to serious damage to your property, not to mention the significant expenses that come along with it.

When your gutters are clogged, it prevents your home from being able to drain rainwater from the roof effectively. This can lead to a plethora of issues, from causing mould to grow in your house, to compromising the stability and foundation of your property.

We carry out a full health check on your gutters, creating a highly targeted action plan to combat any issues that your gutters may have, including making minor repairs to keep your gutters in working shape.

The gutter cleaning process

The first thing that our rain gutter contractor will do is inspect your gutters. They need to take a good look at your guttering system to check for any issues or damage. Whilst your standard guttering company may use cameras or simply just look at your gutters from the ground, we use good old ladders! This allows our rain gutter contractor to have a superior view of your gutters, meaning that we can give you an accurate evaluation and action plan. 

After we have carried out a full manual health check, we will be able to advise you of the best next steps. If any rain gutter repairs do need making, we are often able to fix this for you the very same day. For slightly more serious gutter repairs, this can require a longer turnaround time to fix. Regardless of the time required, we are able to perform any gutter repairs needed. Your rain gutter contractor will notify you of any issues and additional costs that may be incurred to fix these. 

If the gutter does not require any repairs, the gutter clearance can begin. We use a variety of techniques to clean, primarily focussing on a manual approach. We have a traditional guttering company approach, using ladders and our rain gutter contractor instead of purely relying on a telescopic vacuum machine. We find that this manual, back to basics approach produces a far superior gutter clearance than a guttering company with just a telescopic vacuum.

When our rain gutter contractor gets to cleaning your gutters, no area will be left behind. We will clean and clear all of your gutter trays and downpipes, ensuring that there are no blockages or obstructions in any part of your guttering. Our manual technique means that every last leaf and piece of debris is removed, leaving you with clean, working gutters.

Once the rain gutter contractor has finished with your gutter cleaning, you will be able to see the improvements that have been made. We offer a guarantee on all of our work, meaning that if you are unhappy with any of the rain gutter repairs or gutter clearance that has taken place, we will come back and fix it for free! All of our cleaners are insured, so you can rest easy knowing that in the rare case that any damages occur, you will be fully covered and reimbursed for the damages. 

What will happen if I do not clean my gutters regularly?

As we have already mentioned, your gutters play a more integral role in your home than you may have initially thought. Your gutters direct rainwater away from your home’s structure, if they cannot do this, serious damage can occur. 

Water damage to the property happens when your gutters get clogged and begin to collect excess water. This can cause mould and mildew to grow inside of your property, potentially leading to a variety of respiratory issues. As well as the mould that can grow from clogged gutters, the excess water that begins to build up breeds a plethora of plant life. Whilst this may seem harmless, the plants soon grow into your building, and can cause permanent damage to your roof. The water can also seep into the foundations of the property, leading to large unwanted expenses.

As well as the water damage that can be caused to the property, if you have not done any gutter cleaning in a while, you may find that you have loosened gutters. The amount of weight that your gutters are built to withstand is fairly limited, and they are not designed to withstand an abundance of standing water. If you do not do any gutter cleaning or gutter clearance, they will pull away from their attachments. This can lead to expensive rain gutter repairs and replacements.

Another issue caused by clogged gutters is the presence of vermin. Clogged gutters very quickly become an inviting home to ants, squirrels, and other pests. Gutters that are clogged with debris are full of small insects, perfect for many pests to have for lunch! If pests start living in and around your gutters, it is only a matter of time before they enter your home.

If you think you have any of the above effecting your property, get in touch with us soon as possible. The sooner you have gutter repairs done, the less money that you will have to spend in the future on any major rain gutter repairs.

When should I get my Gutters cleaned?

The best time to get your gutters cleaned is just before winter. This is just after autumn, when most of the leaves from the trees have fallen, and right before the frosty weather starts. It is incredibly hard to remove frozen debris from your gutters in the winter, so ensure you get them done beforehand. This reduce the chance of them becoming blocked later on in the year.

If you cannot get them cleaned before winter, then another good time to get a guttering company out is in the spring. Gutters can sometimes be damaged from strong winds or snowfall over the winter and may need additional gutter repairs.

Why do you still work on ladders?

In our guttering company, we believe that we can provide an exemplary gutter clearance service by manually removing debris, whilst working on ladders. We get to have a clear view of your gutters, and we are able to identify any issues or areas that need repairing quicker, and more effectively. We are also able to provide better gutter repairs by using a ladder.

If there is a problem with my guttering, will you do the rain gutter repair?

Yes, if there are damaged areas of guttering, our brilliant guttering company contractors will be able to identify this for you and provide you with an estimated cost and timescale before they get to work on the rain gutter repair.

Do I need to provide any equipment or prepare anything before the gutter clearance or gutter repairs?

No, as a guttering company we bring all of our own equipment and ladders needed in order to perform outstanding gutter cleaning. We will need you to let us into your back garden if applicable.


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