House clearance in Guildford

Your local Guildford house clearance company. We at BCS Cleaning Services are specialists in providing house clearance services in Guildford.  We have an expertly trained team that we have exposed […]

Your local Guildford house clearance company.

We at BCS Cleaning Services are specialists in providing house clearance services in Guildford. 

We have an expertly trained team that we have exposed to the kind of experience they need to be able to properly and adequately provide a full range of house clearance in Guildford services.

At BCS Cleaning Services clearance company, we believe firmly in providing our clients with excellent quality house clearance in Guildford alongside unbeatable customer service. 

The majority of our previous clients have mostly good recommendations about any one of our house clearance in Guildford services that they have used.

This is why you should look no further than BCS Cleaning Services for your house clearance in Guildford.

And this is exactly why you should hire us at BCS Cleaning Services clearance company for your house clearance in Guildford. 

Irrespective of what you’re in need of, either a full clearance service or you just need to remove a few items,  we at BCS Cleaning Services clearance company can help. 

Previously, we have helped a lot of people handle their house clearances in Guildford.

If what you need in your basement, loft, garage or garden cleared at the same time, that is no problem at all.

You don’t have to be worried and you definitely don’t need to overthink it.

 Just pick up the phone right now and put a phone call through to our customer service team at BCS Cleaning Services about what house clearance services in Guildford you’re in need of and you’re good to go.

You can also get a free instant online quote for your house clearance service in Guildford, and you can also call us to speak to a member of our customer care team to explain whatever you’re having problems with.

How to book our Guildford House Clearance services

In our own way of making the procedure to book our Guildford house clearance services as simple as possible for our clients, we have created a 6 simple step guide to help them through the booking process. 

You only have to follow the following steps from start to finish: 

  • You first have to select the service you are in need of, a good example can be our house clearance in Guildford service; 
  • Next, you have to verify (either by a quick phone call to our customer care service or a quick search on our website to be sure that we have the service available to be rendered in your area; 
  • If you’d like to get an instant quote, you can use our free instant online quote tool to get a rough estimate and an idea of the price;
  • And when you are fully satisfied with the details of your service order, you can then proceed to book in our service. 
  • Now, you simply have to wait for us to turn up on the pre-agreed time, introduce ourselves and get to work as soon as we possibly can.
  • After we successfully render our service to your satisfaction, we try our best to sort and classify the items at our warehouse. 

This is to divert as many materials as possible from landfills as per our Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle policy. 

  • We also request that all of our customers leave us a review describing how well they liked our services and whether they’ll be using our services again.

About ninety-five percent of the items we clear get reused across various settings. Examples are homes, offices, etc.

Each and every clearance we handle gets a guarantee that mandates its reuse. 

About ninety-five percent of all the items we clear get reused and we also donate to local charities.

They are sorted and recycled at our recycling facility, or upcycled and made ready for use with local families.


We donate most of the reusable furniture, appliances, and goods cleared from homes and businesses to local charities.

This helps us to keep landfilling to the lowest minimum.


We not only divert over ninety-five percent of items cleared from landfills but we also plant thousands of trees in an attempt to erase hundreds of tons of carbon in the environment. 

We strive to make every single clearance we do eco-friendly. 

As this is our way of protecting the environment from toxins.

BCS Cleaning Services clearance company, a business BY the common man, FOR the common man.

Our clients are important to us because we’re aware that without them, there would be no BCS Cleaning Services clearance company. Our house clearance in Guildford is for the common man.

With our pocket-friendly prices and our affordable rates. Alongside our excellent services, we always strive to make life easier.


At BCS Cleaning Services clearance company, we are very proud of the fact that for over the past ten years that we have been providing house clearance services, we have had excellent customer reviews.

Almost all of our clients have left us excellent reviews which have reinforced our lead in this field and have given us the right balance.

Frequently asked questions

What are the items that you can clear?

Majorly for House Clearances in Guildford, we clear almost all types of items. These items include:

All types of furniture. Including chairs, tables, stools, beds, etc.
Electrical equipment like an oven, cooker, refrigerator, etc.
Fixtures and fittings. Examples: curtains and curtain rails, chairs, sofas, lampshades, etc.
All types of rubbish and waste.
And general clutter. Whatever you might be needing help with, you just have to put a call through, and we’ll show up.

If you’d like to have a more accurate quote, you just have to let us know what items you need to clear and we’ll tell you exactly how much it would cost you.

What kinds of properties can you clear in Guildford?

We can clear almost all types of properties in Guildford. These include:

Houses- If what you need is house clearance, we’ll handle it for you.
Flats- in contrast, if you need to clean a flat and not a house, we’ll clean it too. 
Lofts- we can clean your lofts.
Basements- we can also arrange your basement and clear out the unwanted materials there 
Other places we can clean are:
Storage units, 
Business premises, 
Shops, etc. 

Let us know what areas you need clearing for a more accurate quote.

Other than Guildford, what areas do you work in?

For more information and clarity about the areas we cover for our house clearance services.

How much does your House Clearance service in Guildford cost?

Our prices are dependent on what items you want to clear.

All our prices are determined by volume, weight, and load time.

And so, to prevent overcharging, we make sure that each service quote is custom. 

You therefore only have to pay for as many services as you use. 

We provide a full-price guide. Please visit prices

What other services do you offer?

At BCS Cleaning Services clearance company, we offer a full range of household and domestic clearance services which includes:

house clearances, 
flat clearances, 
loft clearances, 
garage clearances,
garden clearances and,
rubbish clearances.

 We not only offer these, but we also offer optional probate services.

Is this the service I am searching for?

If what you are searching for is 

‘House clearance’
‘house clearance in Guildford’, 
‘House Clearance services Guildford’, 
‘Flat Clearance Guildford’, 
‘Loft Clearance Guildford’, or 
other ‘Clearances in Guildford’ then BCS Cleaning Services clearance company can assist you and provide the service you need.
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