End of Tenancy Cleaning in Leatherhead

Are you looking for end of tenancy cleaning in Leatherhead? Well, we offer the highest quality end of tenancy cleaning around London and Surrey. Our team is specially trained to […]

Are you looking for end of tenancy cleaning in Leatherhead? Well, we offer the highest quality end of tenancy cleaning around London and Surrey. Our team is specially trained to tackle any type of clean, and have specialist equipment at hand to ensure each and every clean is to our high quality. From move in cleaners to landlord cleaning services and move out cleaning, we’ve got it all! 

Our end of tenancy cleaning in Leatherhead service is designed to provide you with a deep cleaned property, making the house look like new. To book our end of tenancy cleaning in Leatherhead service, or to learn more, contact us today! 

Landlord Cleaning Services

As a landlord, leaving your properties spotless for new guests is a necessity. Using our landlord cleaning services, we can assist you by letting you focus on finding new tenants.

Our landlord cleaning services are good value and high-quality cleaning at your ease. We provide deep cleaning for all properties from top to bottom provided by our highly trained team and specialist equipment. Using our landlord cleaning services takes care of the cleaning side of things, so you only need to worry about finding new tenants.

Contact the team today to find out more about our landlord cleaning services!

Tenant Cleaning Services

If you’re a tenant looking to deep clean your property, our tenant cleaning services might just be for you. Using our tenant cleaning services benefits you as our specialist team and specialist equipment work to remove all dirt and grime from any surfaces.  

If you plan to move out, our professional cleaning services can help reduce the stress of the move, we understand that with work, moving properties can be quite stressful and a full deep clean is not usually ideal. Our tenant cleaning services can remove the troubles of spending days trying to get that perfect clean.

If this sounds of interest, contact the team today for further information about our tenant cleaning services.

Professional Cleaning

We also offer professional cleaning, to make any job work. Our team can carry out any type of cleaning to a professional standard. We understand that some of our options might not suit you, and that’s why we will work with you to get any job done and find a suitable price.

Using our professional cleaning service gives you more than a usual clean. For further information about our professional cleaning services, contact the team today.

Move In Cleaners

When moving in, the last thing you want to have to do is deep clean every room. That’s where our move in cleaners come in. Our move in cleaners gives a high-quality top to bottom deep clean for your property, making it look good as new. We take care of the dirty work so that you can take care of actually moving, and into a freshly cleaned property.

Contact our team today for further information about our move in cleaners. 

Tenancy Cleaning

As a tenant, leaving your property pristine after moving is a big deal, and can quite often cause delays in moving away as you may end up deep cleaning the property yourselves. We can help remove these major setbacks and unnecessary complications with our tenancy cleaning service. 

Using our tenancy cleaning service gives you the benefits of our specialist team and equipment, completely cleaning each room, leaving it as it looked before.

To use our tenancy cleaning service, please contact the team today!

Move Out Cleaning

Leaving your property a mess will only reduce the probability that you will receive your deposit back, which can be prevented by our move out cleaning. We know how important getting your deposit back can be, so our cleaning service cleans your property to the very best it can be, and our move out cleaning service can help.

Our specialist team is trained to know the ins and outs of move out cleaning and can change a dirty property to a perfectly clean one within hours. We guarantee that you’ll get the deposit back using our services, so it’s a win win!  

To save yourself the time and stress by using our move out cleaning service, contact the team today!

Final Cleaning

Moving into a new house can sometimes be a nuisance with all dust and small building rubble left behind, causing you weeks of cleaning and sometimes even cause damage to the outside areas like gardens and windowsills. You’ll need some final cleaning to get everything ready to transform your house into a home.

That’s where we can help. Our final cleaning service removes all building waste and cleans the property ready for new guests. We take care of all cleaning with our final cleaning service, leaving you to get started.

Contact the team about our final cleaning service today!


We offer a few extras to make your life easier. These are:

40% off steam carpet cleaning – Our steam carpet cleaning service can be a lifesaver for any deep and tough dirt and grime that is stuck in your carpets. We offer 40% off when paired with any of our professional cleaning services too! 

Key collection and drop off service – put fewer restrictions on you by you having to stay in, we created a key collection and drop off service. We can collect and drop off keys when it fits you, so you can carry on with your day, and not have to worry about handing over a pair of keys.


How Can You Ensure A Good Clean?

We can assure you that you will receive a good clean as we know our staff are trained to the highest standard that they can be. Each staff member understands every part of cleaning and our methods for cleaning different surfaces and stains. Along with this, we use specialist equipment that makes cleaning even the toughest of stains easy as can be. Whether it’s our final cleaning service, or you’re looking to hire move in cleaners, we’re here to help get the property looking pristine. 

What Will I Get For My Clean?

With all of our professional cleaning services, you can expect the following:
Clean and dust every room
Specially treat any stain
Clean and sanitise any appliances within the property
Empty any bins
Clean any hard to reach areas, such as underneath and behind furniture
Use our specialist equipment to deep clean areas such as bathrooms and the kitchen
Check every area and make sure it has been cleaned to our high standards, and clean the area again if necessary

Can You Get My Deposit Back From My Landlord?

We offer a deposit back guarantee. That means that if you use our tenancy cleaning services for the property you’re in, we guarantee you’ll get the deposit back from your landlord! Contact us today to learn more about our end of tenancy cleaning in Leatherhead service. 

Are You Experienced?

Yes, we are. We have many years of experience in delivering our tenant cleaning services and our move in cleaners know all about professional cleaning.

I’d Like To Find Out More!

We’re very happy to hear that you like the look of our end of tenancy cleaning in Leatherhead service. Contact us and we’ll get the ball rolling!


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