Deep Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Are you in need of a deep clean in your house but not sure where to start or how to do it? Then you’ve come to the right place. In […]

Are you in need of a deep clean in your house but not sure where to start or how to do it? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to discuss all the deep cleaning tips and tricks that there are. Deep cleaning can be a big and hard task to complete, so why not make it a bit easier by reading this guide, to get all the deep cleaning tips and tricks that you need. From the preparation before the deep clean to some tips on helping the deep clean. In this article, we’ve got you covered for all the deep cleaning tips and tricks that you need.


Before You Start The Deep Clean

The first deep cleaning tips and tricks we have for you is the preparation before the deep clean. Deep cleaning your house can be a large job that takes up a lot of time, so you want to make sure you’re not wasting your time and get the great results you’re looking for. These deep cleaning tips and tricks are for before starting the deep clean and the preparation leading up to it.

  • Clear Away Any Mess

Make sure that before starting the deep clean, you remove any mess and clutter from the areas you’re cleaning. Things that might be on the floor, tables or worktops that don’t usually live there can be put back in their place, making it easier to clean those areas. It can make the deep clean much harder if you’re having to deal with a messy house on top of it.

  • Make A Plan

The next of our deep cleaning tips and tricks is to make a plan of what rooms you’re going to clean in an order and estimate how long you’re going to spend on them. It might be useful to write down a cleaning list of all the rooms, what needs cleaning in them and how long it should take. This can help to plan the day better and you can tick each job off as you go. Also, if you don’t get time to complete the deep clean in one day, you can return back to it the next day and finish off the list and plan you’ve made.

  • Stock Check The Supplies

Before starting the deep clean, make sure you have a look through your cleaning cupboards and find everything you need for the deep clean. The last thing you want is to start cleaning, to then realise you haven’t got all your supplies. So, before starting the deep clean, get everything out that you might need to ensure you have everything. Some deep cleaning tips and tricks supplies that we would suggest include: dusting cloths, antibacterial cleaning spray, brush, mop, sponges, window and glass cleaner etc.

These deep cleaning tips and tricks are just to get you started, before you even start the deep clean process. This ensures you are ready for the deep clean and that you have everything you need along with a plan and also make it a bit easier by clearing away any existing mess that doesn’t need to be there. 

Each Room At A Time

Once you’ve done your planning and got everything ready for the deep clean, it’s time to make a start on each room. Make sure to use our previously mentioned deep cleaning tips and tricks and make a plan of the deep clean, including each room, what will be cleaned and how long it should take. By following these deep cleaning tips and tricks, it makes it a lot easier when it comes to starting the deep cleaning as you already have a plan to follow. 

Our next deep cleaning tips and tricks are going to look at the different rooms you may have in your house and how to deep clean them.


The bedrooms are a room that needs to be regularly cleaned as it’s a place that is used very often. However, it is also important to deep clean it every so often to make sure the whole room is freshly cleaned and the parts you may not always clean have been done.

  • Wash The Bedding

To start the deep clean of a bedroom, make sure to wash all bedding, blankets and pillows etc. to keep them fresh. This is something you use when you sleep, so it’s important to make sure they are kept clean and fresh. 

  • Flip The Mattress

This deep cleaning tips and tricks may not be something you would think about doing, but it’s a good thing to do when carrying out a deep clean. By flipping the mattress, it prevents any grooves or indentations from forming, where you sleep. 

Some great deep cleaning tips and tricks for a mattress include putting baking soda onto the mattress and leave it on for 45 minutes, before hoovering it off. This helps to freshen the mattress up, so perfect for a deep clean. Another tip is to use shaving cream and leave it on for 15 minutes, to help remove any stains on the mattress. A vinegar and water solution can also be used to help remove the shaving cream and stains.

  • Dusting

One important thing to always do with a deep clean is dusting the surfaces. This could be on any drawers, cabinets, desks etc. that you have in your bedroom that can be dusted. Make sure to dust the more neglected areas that are easy to forget about, such as the window sills, skirting boards, on top of wardrobes, headboards and lights. With a deep clean, it’s best to clean any surface and items possible to give remove any dust from sitting there. 

Always be careful with dusting these areas, especially that are high up as big dust clumps may fall down. The best thing to do is go from top to bottom as any dust that falls down will be caught later. 

  • Hoovering/Mopping

Once you’ve done the main part of dusting your furniture and room, finish it off by hoovering or mopping the floors. Make sure to pull any furniture out if possible, to clean behind them and remove any dust and dirt where possible. If your furniture is too heavy to move, you can always use the extensions and different attachments on the hoover, to reach the places that are harder to get to. 


The bathrooms are another room that should be regularly cleaned, however, there may be parts of the bathroom that don’t always get a deep clean. It’s easy to just wipe over the sink, bath and toilet, but there’s a lot more to clean than that. Below are some deep cleaning tips and tricks for your bathrooms.

  • Scrub It All Down
    The first thing to do is to use a bathroom or multi-purpose cleaner, to spray down the toilet, sink, shower and bath. Leave this to soak in for a little bit and then scrub it all always, making sure any dirt or dust is removed whilst doing so.

Whilst doing this, make sure to clean the base of the toilet as well, as dust and bacteria can accumulate here as it’s a place that’s often missed. 

  • Clean Shower Screens, Lights Switches, Mirrors etc.
    Use a window or glass cleaner to wipe these areas down, removing the dirt and dust and leaving them shining.
  • Wash Glass Shower Screens
    Glass shower screens can build up a lot of dirt over time, so why not apply some distilled white vinegar to the screen and leave it to soak in. Then add on some baking soda and scrub it all off, this should leave the shower screen clean and looking like new again. 
  • Shower Curtains, Bath Mats and Towels
    If you have any of these, put them in the washer to have a thorough deep clean whilst you’re cleaning the bathroom. Always read instructions on how to wash your shower curtain as some may need to be on a lower heat setting. 
  • Clean Out The Cupboards
    As part of a deep clean, you may wish to take some time to clean out the cupboards and storage area you may have in your bathroom. The best thing to do is take everything out of the cupboards and clean them inside and outside of it. Dust can collect in the cupboard, especially as it’s somewhere that probably isn’t looked after and cleaned very often. 

When putting the products or items back into the cupboard, throw out anything that is empty or you no longer use to free up some space and help to keep it tidier.

  • Grout
    The grout in between the tiles can get a bit dirty over time and mould can develop on them due to the wet and moisture from the bath or shower. You can use a bathroom or mould spray and leave this on, rinsing it off after a few minutes. If you don’t have these then one of our deep cleaning tips and tricks is to create your own grout spray that you can use to help clean the grout in the tiles. 

To create a spray mixture, create a half vinegar and half water solution and spray this onto the grout. Allow it to sit for a few minutes and then use a scrubbing brush to scrub it all in and rinse off. Then mix some baking soda with water so it creates a paste and apply this to the grout, spraying on the vinegar and water solution after. Let this sit and use a brush to help scrub off any grime and dirt. Finish off by washing off to reveal your freshly cleaned grout! 

  • Door Handles
    Don’t forget to disinfect door handles and any touch points in the bathroom as these can collect dirt and in particular, bacteria. It’s important to wipe over these touch points just by using a disinfectant or multi-purpose spray.

Clean The Floors
Like any room, don’t forget to finish off by cleaning the floors. Bathrooms are one place in particular that can build up bacteria so it’s important to make sure they’re cleaned regularly, including the floor. A steam cleaner or mop can be used, both removing any dirt and bacteria that might be there. If using a mop, it might be an idea to add a disinfectant to the water, so when applying it to the floor, you’re adding a disinfectant, as well as cleaning up.


The kitchen is a room that is probably cleaned on a regular basis, due to food being prepared and cooked in there. However, like any room, there may be some parts of the kitchen that don’t get as much attention as others and could do with a deep clean. 

  • Wipe Down The Cupboards

This is something that might not be done very often, but something good to include when doing a deep clean. Have a wipe down of the inside and outside of the cupboards and pay attention to any areas where they may be grease from cooking food. 

Whilst cleaning down the cupboards, you could also have a sort out and get rid of any out of date food or old cleaning cloths etc. that you will no longer use. At the same time, you can also have a sort out at the same time to create a tidier space in the cupboards.

  • Clean Out The Fridge/Freezer

This is a deep cleaning job that isn’t done very often, but important to do. It’s important as you want to ensure you have a clean environment for the food to be in and this is done by cleaning it. 

Take each shelf and compartment at a time to clean them out. You can move the food around in the fridge to prevent leaving it out for a long time whilst you’re cleaning each part at a time. A multi-purpose or antibacterial spray can be used to clean it out, making sure any dirt and is removed. If you had more time, you could also remove the trays of the fridge and soak them in water, soap and disinfectant, to give them a deep clean. 

  • Scrub The Oven And Hood

Use a kitchen or multi-purpose spray to scrub the oven top and hood, removing any food, stains and grease from the area. Also, have a clean around the top of the oven area, as you may find stains and grease stains that have come off the food being cooked in that area.

  • Wipe Down Worktops
    Although this may be something that is done on a regular basis, make sure to clean down the worktops to ensure any dirt has been removed and it’s ready for the next time you’re cooking.
  • Clean The Oven

This can be quite a big job, but it’s important to do to keep the oven clean for cooking. Oven cleaners can be bought and used for the cleaning inside and the different trays of the oven. This type of deep clean doesn’t need to be done all the time but can be good to do whilst carrying out a deep clean. 

One of our deep cleaning tips and tricks is that if you don’t have an oven cleaner, you can create your own. Use baking soda, washing up liquid and vinegar to create a paste and apply this to the inside of the oven. Leave this to sit for a few minutes before using a brush to scrub it off and for more stubborn areas, use a lemon with washing up soap on it, and rub on the areas. 

  • Cleaning The Microwave

Put a tablespoon of vinegar with water and put it in the microwave on high for 5 minutes. The solution will coat any debris in the microwave, making it easier to clean the inside of the microwave. It can get quite dirty and not always something you think to clean, but it’s very quick and simple to do.

  • Disinfect The Sink

The sink is used for a lot and can hold dirty water from washing the dishes. As it is a place for cleaning, you want to make sure it is kept clean. Put some bleach or disinfectant down the sink and leave to soak for a while before washing it away as this will kill any bacteria in your sink. 

  • Clean The Window Sills, Lighting Fixtures, Handles etc.
    Like any room, make sure to use a multi-purpose or disinfectant spray to wipe down the window sills, skirting boards, lighting fixtures and handles in the kitchen. This ensures they are all kept clean and any dust and dirt is removed.
  • Clean The Floors
    To complete the kitchen clean, finish off by cleaning the floor, either by steaming or mopping it. This will clean over the floor and remove any dirt and dust that might be there.

Living Rooms/ Lounge Areas

Living room and lounge areas can be rooms that aren’t cleaned as often and therefore may require a deep clean. Below are some ideas for a deep clean of a living rooms or lounge area that you might not always think of.

  • Clean The Cushions, Blankets etc.

Take all the cushions and blankets from the living room area and clean them in the washing machine if possible. Whilst they’re removed from the sofas, have a clean of the sofa and use a hoover to clean down the cracks. This will remove any dirt and things such as food and crumbs that might’ve fallen down the sofa.

  • Clean The Rugs and Carpets
    Use a carpet cleaner or steam cleaner mop to clean the rugs and carpets you might have in your living room. Alternatively, if you have a wooden or laminate floor, a steam mop can also be used. This will pick up any dirt from out the flooring material and cleaning it.
  • Polish Wooden Furniture
    If you have any wooden furniture in your living room, remove anything that is on them and use a polish to clean them. This will remove any dust and leave them looking shiny and new. 

Similarly for wooden furniture, you can also have a clean and polish of any furniture in the living room by removing anything that is on them to be able to give them a good clean.

  • Clean Lighting Fixtures, Handles, Window Sills and Skirting Boards

As previously mentioned, use a multi-purpose spray to clean over these areas in the room, to disinfect and remove any dirt and dust from them.

  • Dust The Decorations

You may have decorations in your living room, from picture frames to candles. Make sure to pay attention to any decorations and ornaments as these can collect dust quite easily. As they can be fragile, make sure to be careful when cleaning them and to not damage them. 

  • Clean Electronics
    The electronics are something you wouldn’t normally think to clean, but they can collect a lot of dust on them. Clean things such as the TV and remotes as these are a common touch point and therefore will be in need of a clean!


Wardrobes aren’t always a part of the house you might think to clean, but they are an area we should try to clean at least once a year. They are an area that can build up dust and dirt which can result in clothes getting dirty. So, to maintain your clothes and other items you might keep in your wardrobe, it’s important to clean it.

Have A Sort Out
When it comes to your wardrobe, it can be easy for it to get messy and end up with clothes you never wear. Start off by having a sort out of the wardrobe, throwing away or giving to charity anything that you no longer wear or use. This will clear up some space, meaning it will be easier to organise and keep tidy.

Arrange Seasonal Clothes
You may have a mix of summer and winter clothes in your wardrobe, but they’re not needed during all the seasons of the year. Have a sort out of clothes and put them into seasons, then during each different season, you can get them clothes out. For example, during autumn and winter, you won’t be needing your summer clothes, so why not pack away your summer clothes and just have your winter clothes out. This frees up more space in the wardrobe and makes it easier to keep on top off. You can then have a switch around when the seasons change.

Clean It Out
Once you’ve had a sort out of your clothes, have a clean of the wardrobe. It might be easier to do this before putting things back in the wardrobe as you can clean it easier. Use a spray or antibacterial wipe to clean the inside and outside of the wardrobe, removing any dirt and dust that might’ve collected in it.


As well as giving it a clean with a spray or wipe, it can also be easy to use a hoover to clean up any dirt that might be there. If you keep shoes in this area then dirt from shoes can be left in the wardrobe and therefore it’s easier to hoover it up.

Spare Rooms
You may have a spare room in the house that might be used as an office or storage space. Treat this room the same as a bedroom or living room to keep it tidy and clean. These rooms can easily be ignored as they’re not used as often, but it’s important to keep them cleaned and tidied throughout the year.


In this article, we’ve spoken all about what to do when it comes to deep cleaning. From the preparation before a deep clean, which ensure you have everything you need, to the deep clean itself. We then looked at some of the main rooms of a typical house and how to deep clean them, along with some useful deep cleaning tips and tricks.

Before starting a deep clean, always make sure you’re mess-free as much as possible to save some time and make a plan and stock check of everything you need. A plan of the deep clean and each room can be really useful, to make sure you don’t miss any parts of the room and from this you can determine how long it should take you. This means you can plan better as you know how long it will roughly take you. Another important thing is to remember all the cleaning supplies you need and to make sure you have them, before carrying out the deep clean.

You can use some of our deep cleaning tips and tricks when it comes to the different rooms in the house, which may give you some useful guidance on the things to be included in the deep clean. Some jobs you may not always think to do and may not be obvious, so hopefully this guide will give you a better insight on the things and jobs to consider when it comes to a deep clean.

We hope you learnt some useful tips and tricks when it comes to cleaning and can use some of them in the future, when it comes to your own deep clean. The best advice we can give is to plan and thoroughly clean each room. Whilst you’re spending time deep cleaning it, you may as well clean as much as you can and do a good job of it! 

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