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Regular Domestic Cleaning

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The Difference Between Deep Cleaning and Regular Cleaning

There is discussion on the difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning as those who have not hired cleaners before may not be aware of what to expect and what they are getting for their money. This article on the difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning is not only for those who hire cleaners

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Infection - Coronavirus disease 2019
Social Distancing Measures

Changing social distancing measures is something that we have all had to adapt and get used to for the majority of this year. Unfortunately, being socially distanced is the new normal that we all have had to adjust to so that we can keep those that we love safe.

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Room - Modern apartment in Lviv historic center
How to Keep on top of the Cleaning?

Introduction When you finally sit down after a busy day do you look around and find yourself surrounded by mounds of housework and don’t know where to start. Or are […]

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Labor - Cleaner
Hiring A Regular Cleaner

Do you sometimes find it hard to keep on top of the cleaning? Or sometimes you just don’t have time to fit it into your day? Then why not thinking […]

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Domestic Cleaning Advice

Domestic cleaning is any cleaning that takes place in your home. Whilst many people often hire domestic cleaners, the majority if people will do their own domestic cleaning. This typically involves cleaning all of the rooms in the house on a regular basis, vacuuming, dusting, and wiping surfaces.

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