Gutter Cleaning Prices

It’s safe to say that gutter cleaning may not be at the top of your cleaning list. By hiring a professional company to do this job for you, you can save your time and avoid doing this dirty job. In order to discuss gutter cleaning prices, you should be aware of the implications of having a blocked-up gutter and why it is important to clean it out.


It’s safe to say that gutter cleaning may not be at the top of your cleaning list. By hiring a professional company to do this job for you, you can save your time and avoid doing this dirty job. In order to discuss gutter cleaning prices, you should be aware of the implications of having a blocked-up gutter and why it is important to clean it out. 

We are also going to share with you what to look out for when inspecting your gutter so that you can de ide whether or not it is time to call in a professional to help you. It is also important to know how often you should be getting your gutter cleaned, and when during the year. This is so that you can be sure that you are spending your money well and that you can have peace of mind during certain months. 

There are, however, different factors that influence gutter cleaning prices that you should be aware of. If you are unaware of this do not worry! This article explains all of the factors that influence the cost so that you are not taken off guard when contacting the professionals. 

For all you need to know about gutter cleaning prices and why gutters should be kept clean, read on!

The Benefits to Having Gutter Cleaned by Professionals

The main goal of this article is to stress the importance of making sure that your gutters are clean and empty of debris. We, of course, also want to share gutter cleaning prices and what the professionals do when they come to clean your gutters so that you know what you will be paying for and what to expect from them. 

Before we get to the gutter cleaning prices, however, it is important to share the benefits that come with hiring professionals to come and clean your gutters. As gutter cleaning may very well be the last thing on your cleaning list (and you may not even know where to begin with this task), there are multiple benefits to hiring someone to come and clean the gutters for you.

Dangerous if Inexperienced

Gutters line the outside of your home, meaning that they are above ground level. If you are inexperienced with ladders, then cleaning your gutters out can be a daunting task. This is because you not only have to focus on the ladder but at the same time carry up the materials and equipment needed to do the job. 

When climbing a ladder while carrying other objects there is the risk of falling, however, professionals will be able to go up and down the ladder with ease, having done it hundreds of times before. Professionals will have the confidence to conduct the task quickly and efficiently, therefore you can be sure that when hiring someone to clean your gutters, there will be no problem with ladders or heights. 

It’s a Dirty Job!

Again, gutter cleaning is not typically at the top of a person’s cleaning list. Mainly because the job can get pretty dirty quickly. When clearing out your gutter you may very well find yourself covered in all the moss, debris, and dirt that you find. 

If this isn’t something that sounds particularly appealing to you then you can call in the professionals who will not be bothered in the slightest. They deal with this kind of mess every day as it is just part of the job for them, so why not hire professionals rather than getting all dirty yourself?

Gives you Peace of Mind

A clogged-up gutter can introduce a whole load of problems that you may not have thought about before (don’t worry, we will cover these below). When you hire professionals to do the gutter cleaning for you, you can be sure that the job will be done to the best standard, leaving your gutter free of debris, and working properly once again. 

You want to be sure that after the gutter is clean, water will flow directly through it and be deposited away safely. When you clean the gutter yourself, there may be areas missed or tough spots left dirty. This will not happen with professionals. They know how to get the job done, therefore giving you your moneys worth and leaving the gutter completely clean.

Why Gutter Cleaning is Important

Now we have gone through the benefits to hiring a professional to clean the gutters, we should discuss the general reasons as to why gutter cleaning is important. In order to think about gutter cleaning prices, we should think about why the job should be done in the first place. 

You may think that if you can’t see anything in them then there is no problem, but this is not the case. By the time you can see any moss and debris poking out from the gutters it will be already very full, stopping the normal function of the gutters and introducing some problems for you. 

Preventing Water Damage

The general function of gutters is to take any waste and rainwater away from your home (in particular the roof). Over time, the gutter can become full of leaves, moss, branches, and dirt which means that any rainwater can become lodged in with all the debris, therefore blocking up the gutter. 

Due to all of this debris, the gutter will be too full and overflow onto your roof or even over the gutter and onto your driveway. The roof eventually may not be able to withstand the amount of water and other sodden debris, leading to leaks and water damage inside the home.

Water damage in the home can cost a lot of money to fix as you may not notice until it is too late, meaning that items can be ruined, and the house foundations would become damaged.

The water damage can also lead to ceiling stains from the roof which are unsightly and can be difficult to remove. You may need to replace parts of your roof, ceilings, or walls which can leave you will quite a large bill. These smaller problems could also lead to bigger issues such as damage to the insulation and rotting of frames. 

All of these problems to do with water damage can be easily avoided by making sire that your gutters are cleaned and well maintained. 

Preventing Mould Growth

Water damage is not the only problem that can be caused by a leaky roof that is leaky because of a blocked gutter. Moisture mixed with the heat of the home can lead to mould growing quickly which leads to other problems.

Not only is mould hard to remove, but it can cause serious health problems for those living in the house. Some of the effects of mould include inflammation of the airways, nasal congestion, wheezing, chest tightness, coughing and throat irritation ( 2015). 

The problems caused by inhaling mould can have an affect on anyone, however there are particular people that can be more sensitive to it. Mould is particularly damaging to babies and children, the elderly, people with skin conditions like eczema, those with asthma, and people with weakened immune systems for example those having chemotherapy ( 

You can protect yourself and your family from the negative effects of mould by making sure that your gutters are clear as a leaky roof can cost you money and impact your health. 

Preventing Pests

When a gutter fills with rainwater, leaves, twigs, sticks, bits of tree branches and moss it makes the perfect home for pests such as birds, rats, mice, and insects. These pests can cause multiple problems that can be easily avoided by making sure that the gutter is clear and therefore not an appealing home for pests.

Birds settling in groups in your gutters and on the roof are not only irritating because of the amount of faeces that end up on the roof, but continuous flying onto the home can cause problems too. When birds are taking off and landing on your gutter’s multiple times a day then this can create cracks to form which will could then break the gutter apart. This means that it will not perform as it should and will cost money to fix. 

Bee and wasp nests forming on your gutters are also a problem. They are strong enough to remove or hollow out large sections on the gutter or roof to make room for their new home. These holes will damage your roof and create water damage which we already know is not good for you and your family.

Inspecting the Gutter

In order to determine gutter cleaning prices, inspecting your gutter is a good way to decide whether you want a professional to come and clear it out. Inspecting also helps to identify any problems that we have discussed above before they are made worse. 

You should be conducting a full inspection at least twice a year, maybe more depending on the weather (for example if you’ve recently had a lot of rain and wind) and where you home is (for example if you are close to trees). 

So that you can inspect your gutter effectively (and therefore figure out the gutter cleaning prices), there are a few things to look out for. We have put together a list for you so that you can prevent any problems that could be damaging and end up costing you more money.

  • Check for blocked downpipes – a downpipe blocked with debris means that rainwater can not leave the roof properly and safely. To prevent blockages in the downpipe and in the gutters in general, you can attach a leaf guard to stop leaves from going into the gutter. 
  • See if your joints are weak – a joint of a gutter connects the different sections together. They are a crucial part to the gutter as it keeps it all together but unfortunately due to the pressure of a blocked gutter they can break apart. This stops the gutter from working properly, therefore it is important to check that the joints are strong.
  • Corroded gutters – gutters are not always made from plastic. This means that they can be prone to corrosion and rust which can create pits in the gutter that could eventually form larger holes.

Gutters that are too small – there are some older homes that do not have sufficient gutter capacity. Older gutters are not made to hold large volumes of water and debris which can be a problem if you do not clean out the gutters regularly.

How Often Should the Gutter be Cleaned?

Now that you know about all of the problems that can be caused by a clogged gutter, you may be thinking how often should the gutter be cleaned? You want to make sure that you get your moneys worth but also want to be sure that your gutter is clear from debris so that it can continue to function properly. 

Most professionals recommend that you get your gutters cleaned twice a year: once in the Spring and once in Autumn. Gutters should be cleared before the Winter months begin as leaves, branches and debris will more likely fall into your gutters during Autumn. This means that you can have nice, clear gutters for when the Winter hits. 

It is more dangerous to be cleaning out gutters during the Winter as the ice and frost means that ladders are even more dangerous than usual. By making sure that your gutters are taken care of before the Winter, you can have peace of mind that your gutters will be working perfectly fine while you’re curled up on the sofa, watching the snow fall.

The clean in the Spring allows you to evaluate and fix any damages caused during the Winter (for example you may find that the ice has caused cracks in the plastic gutters). 

It is also worth checking the gutters and getting them cleared out after adverse weather conditions. After a storm or high winds, it is important to check the damage causes to the gutter and roof to prevent further damage. 

Debris from a storm or winds could end up in your gutters, meaning that they will become blocked sooner than normal. Checking them and maybe even hiring a professional after adverse weather conditions prevents damages and keeps your gutter in working order. 

Gutter Cleaning Prices

Now we have reached the reason why you have been reading. The gutter cleaning prices. There are multiple factors to think about that will impact how much it will cost to have your gutters cleaned. We are sharing these with you so that you can see what goes into having a gutter cleaned and what to expect from the professionals when they arrive at your property. 

Here, we will be giving you an idea of the gutter cleaning prices, what is included in this price, what you need to do before the professional arrives, and roughly how long it is going to take for them to do the job. 

According to (2020), the average gutter cleaning prices range from £20 to £250. This is at a cost of £4 per meter of guttering. These costs are not including a call out fee which is something that professionals will charge to come to your property (see below).

“For a small, terraced house with only 5m of guttering, the cost would be under £20 – however, the minimal call out fee charged by professionals is usually £40

For larger properties in which guttering lines the roof on all sides of the property, you can expect to pay £120 or more. Additional gutter cleaning prices will be incurred if there are accessibility issues, or if there are any parts that need to be replaced. Leaking parts will typically come at a cost of £10 per piece on top of the call out fee.

If you need new down-pipe filters, these will come at an additional price of £5 per filter. A specialist will be able to tell you upon inspection what will be needed – whether it’s a simple cleaning service or there is additional work required” ( 2020).

Factors that Influence the Price

There are some factors, however, that will determine the final gutter cleaning prices that should be taken into consideration. These are important for you to know as they will impact the final price, therefore you should be aware of them so you know what to expect.

  • The type of property – as houses range in size and shape this means that some homes will have more guttering than others. The larger the home, the more guttering there will be, therefore the cleaning will cost more than a smaller home. This also means that prices will differ for owners of detached, semi-detached, terraced and end-of-terraced homes. 
  • The height of the building – the higher the guttering system is, the higher the cost of cleaning will be. This is because different equipment will be needed and the labour costs will be increased as higher gutters are trickier and more dangerous to get to. 
  • Additional requests – sometimes the professional may notice more work is necessary to complete the job. For example, they may notice cracks or leaks in the pipes. This means that they will need to replace them which increases the price of the job and clean as they will have to add in costs for time and materials. 

The price may also be different for conservatories or garages depending on their position on the property and whether they are easy or difficult to reach.

What is Included in the Price? 

A full gutter cleaning service does not only include the clean itself but includes other benefits that you may not have thought about before. This includes an inspection of the gutter itself and some professionals will even take photos of the ‘before’ so that they can also show you the ‘after’ final result. They will of course remove all the debris from inside the gutter and clean up after themselves as there is debris that will have ended up on the floor and not in any collection buckets. 

To give you a better idea of what you should expect when a professional comes to your property to clean your gutters, here is a quick guide on what they may do.

The Clean

  • They will position their ladder in a safe and stable place that is in a position so they are comfortable when up there and do not have to reach or stretch far. Note that they may not be using a ladder but a telescopic pole so that they can stand underneath and remove the debris. 
  • Put gloves on and pick up their bin bag or bucket to put the debris in.
  • They will remove your gutter/leaf covers so that they can get into the gutter properly.
  • Debris in your gutter usually has two layers: the top one (if there is no cover) will be made of leaves, twigs, bits of branches e.c.t and a bottom layer of dirt and sludge. The gutter cleaner may remove the top layer with their hands, putting the leaves e.c.t in the bin or bucket.
  • To remove the bottom layer of dirt and sludge they may either continue to use their hands to remove it or use a trowel to scoop up what is there without getting too messy. 
  • Once they’ve cleared the area that the ladder surrounds. They will need to descend the ladder and move it to the next spot. This may seem like it will take a long time but doing it this way they can stay safe rather than leaning and potentially falling off the ladder.  
  • They will also make sure that any fallen debris is cleared away, making sure that the area that they have cleaned is not a mess for you to clean up after they have gone. 

Washing it Out 

  • After all the debris has been cleaned they will do a finish wash down of the gutters. Most likely they will use a hose, turning it on against the slope of your gutter so that any remaining waste runs down towards the downpipe. This should clear out anything that remains in the gutter.
  • They may use clean the gutter with a pressure washer or a telescopic gutter cleaner. This means that they do not need to climb the ladder but can use the attachment to get rid of the remaining waste. 

Checking and Cleaning the Downpipes

  • After the gutters are all clean they will check your downpipes. 
  • If it seems blocked, then they may put the hose down the pipe until it hits the blockage and then turn it on to create enough pressure that will force the blockage out. 
  • It will then be easy to push out the blockage by hand or using a stick to remove the debris and then attach it back to the house. Now the rainwater will easily flow through the gutters and down the pipe, preventing the problems that we have discussed.

What Should you do Beforehand?

There are a few things that you can do to make sure that the professional cleaner has an easier job so that they job can be done as quickly as possible, resulting in a clean gutter for you. 

  1. Make sure that they have access to electricity as they may be using a machine that needs to be connected to the electrics. This is so that they can remove and clear away the debris in the guttering. 
  2. Be sure that there is somewhere for the professional cleaner to park. This is because they will need to transport their equipment from their van to your property. Some of the equipment may be heavy so it would be helpful to them to have a space close to the house. 
  3. The front and back of the property needs to be easily accessible. This means that any cars, furniture e.c.t needs to be removed so that the cleaner can get to the gutters all along the property.

How Long does it Take?

How long the job will take does depend on the size of the property, and if there are any additional extras that occur such as fixing cracks in the pipes. There are, however, estimates as to how long it will take depending on the property size but for a more accurate estimate, get in contact with a professional cleaner. 

“Terraced – 1 h

End-of-terraced – 1 h and 30 min

Semi-detached – 2 h

Detached – The time for detached homes depends on its size. It can be anywhere from 1 to 4 hours” ( 2018).


To summarise, a clean gutter means for a happy home. That may sound rather dramatic but when you think about the problems that we have informed you of here then you know that a gutter clear of debris makes for less problems for you. You will also now know that a clean gutter will end up saving you money in the long run as you will not have to spend unnecessary money on fixing your roof or ceilings. 

This article will have helped you to see that hiring professionals to do the job will not only save you time but will also save you from doing this job that is not favoured by many. By getting a professional to clean your gutters you know that the job will be done to a good standard and will be done safely as it can be a dangerous activity. 

Hopefully you can now see that for what the professionals do, having your gutters cleaned is not that big of a cost considering all of the benefits that go with it. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today for professional gutter cleaning!

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